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Proiectul „Academia profesorilor” la Valencia

Teacher Academy Sustainable Communication goes Valencia for first testing of European joint training programme

The TASC – Teacher Academy Sustainable communication – is an Erasmus+-project in which twelve partners of seven countries work together on creating an international joint training programme (20 ECTS) with sustainable communication as a focus. In this way, TASC wants to support European teachers in attaining the necessary communicative skills for becoming agile and reflective teachers capable of preventing, or eliminating, violence, discrimination, polarisation, exclusion and bullying.

From June 4th till June 8th , each country delegates teacher trainers to perform the first testing round of grade A (6 ECTS) of the joint training programme ‘sustainable communication’ in Valencia. During this testing, 20 teacher trainers from 7 different countries provide feedback on the first of three parts of the ‘teacher training manual’ (grade A – 6 ECTS). This feedback is the start of the itinerary process in which all modules of the training will be optimized. These modules cover topics such as becoming reflective and agile teachers, non-violent communication, intercultural communication, restorative communication and cooperation for lifelong learning. Digital competences based on the European model are also intertwined in the training programme.

A second objective of the TASC-meeting in Valencia is a retrospect on the first project year (from May 2023 till May 2024) and looking ahead at year two of the project. In year two, the next parts of the teacher training manual, grade B and a nod to grade C, will be developed. Also, the start of the development of the parallel teacher toolkit grade A, with a focus on tools for sustainable communication for teachers themselves to use in the school or classroom, is on the agenda for Spain. This makes for an important component of the meeting since 175 teachers will be testing this toolkit, consisting of 15 tools, in their class and school in September 2024. TASC focuses consciously on teachers within the work field because they are the cornerstone of society. Communication as a transversal competence gains more and more importance in this society in order to counter polarisation, violence and discrimination. The consortium hopes to empower teachers to become more competent and more agile.

at Valencia

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